MLD Architects is an fully integrated architecture firm employing only the best when it comes to your building, design and planning needs.  As your friend in the business, MLD is committed to providing you with not only exceptional work, but a level of customer service that will make you feel like you’re the only client we have.  Your needs are ours, and we thank you for trusting us with your project.

We are proud to offer services in the following areas:


At MLD Architects, we thrive on creative design that respects its context. Whether we’re preserving and repurposing existing structures or creating new places for our clients to work, play and live, we assemble expert teams to assess needs, create consensus and design outstanding architectural solutions. We are dedicated to enriching the cultural heritage of the neighborhoods and communities in which we work, and to advancing sustainable design.


Through attentive and interpretive design, we create artistic, functional environments. Our acclaimed designers employ a holistic process blending color, texture, pattern and light into well-organized and inspiring spaces. With powerful creativity, we develop unique work, play, and living places that stimulate the mind and spirit.


Historical Restoration:

Since 1979, MLD Architects has been a leader in the art of bringing new purpose and function to existing and historic buildings and sites through restoration, adaptive use and renewal strategies. Our professionals are highly trained and qualified in architectural conservation, historic building technology and historical research. As we look to our future, we continue to maintain a critical leadership role in building a more sustainable world by transforming our existing built environment.


As the regional leader in roof design and forensic exploration of existing roofs for leaks, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with a variety of roofing problems.  We keep on the fore front of technology changes in the industry and have licensed roof consultants on staff.


The design and retention of a building envelope’s integrity has been the focus of our firm since its inception in 1979.  With a longstanding well-regarded expertise in technical detailing and waterproofing issues, our firm has been involved in larger architectural projects in a consulting role.  In this role we have worked directly for the Architect, Developer, Construction Manager, and Owner.  We enjoy developing sound, financially sensitive solutions to difficult waterproofing problems. Our staff regularly attends seminars and conferences related to waterproofing design and materials.


We strive to provide children a safe and secure place to help them gain knowledge.  Our buildings and renovation projects strictly adhere to the Department of Education guidelines and local codes while striving to create an environment that enhances creativity and learning

Graphics & Planning:

MLD Architects brings significant expertise in the disciplines of space use, facility, urban and campus planning.  Using our skills and talents as investigators, listeners and leaders, we’re highly effective at finding consensus among stakeholders — whether we’re planning a program for a single building or a comprehensive urban or community revitalization effort.  In many cases, we help transform historic structures and resources to meet contemporary requirements while retaining their original character and significance.  In other projects, our planning services are integral to creating new architectural structures that provide elegant solutions to the needs of clients and their communities.


MLD is a leading design firm specializing in roofing, waterproofing, building envelope, interior design and traditional architecture. Our nationally recognized team of professionals provides innovative solutions to support repairs, rehabilitation, new construction projects, and construction litigation cases.